HR Specialist

Work Location: BEIJING

We are looking for a HR Generalist to join our team to handle, improve and implement various human resources programs.

Brief Job Description:
The HR Generalists have a broad knowledge of human resources functions, from hiring to onboarding and from employee compensation to evaluation. If you have a passion for HR, are familiar with labor law and look to kickstart your career in the field, this is the place to be.

HR Generalist main performance objectives
    Internal Policies: ensure all our internal policies are updated by monitoring and controlling and
      training the employees to make sure that all staff will respect the policies as well as the Firm's culture;
      verify that compliance to policy, company image is respected at all time and reports to General
      Manager and partners accordingly.
    Talen Acquisition and strategy: define and adjust the strategy of the Talent Acquisition on the
      Chinese/HK markets based on the Firm's culture and business strategy. During the first month after
      onboarding, conduct a detailed analysis of current departments needs and strategy, and provide a plan
      including innovative ideas on talent acquisition strategy.
    Office environment: Enhance job satisfaction by resolving issues promptly. Improve the onboarding
    Job value and salary benchmarking: ensure all our job has the right value through benchmarking and
      in line with our performance culture
    Interpersonal skills: build a solid relationship with all managers and employees to be recognized as a
      leader. Create a trust relationship so that managers and employees are motivated to perform and feel
      comfortable to exchange ideas.

Duties and Responsibilities
    Administer compensation and benefit plans;
    Perform talent acquisition and recruitment processes; Provide job candidates by screening,
      interviewing, and testing applicants;
    Conduct employee onboarding and help organize training & development initiatives and signature of
      contracts/confidentiality agreements etc; as well as handling procedures for new hiring and contract
      termination; Provides orientation to new employees by providing orientation information; reviewing
      company policies;
    Provide support to employees in various HR-related topics such as leaves and compensation and
      resolve any issues that may arise;
    Promote HR programs to create an efficient and conflict-free workplace;
    Ensure the development and implementation of human resource policies and control the correct
      application of them among the employees;
    Undertake tasks around performance management;
    Gather and analyze data with useful HR metrics, like time to hire and employee turnover rates;
    Organize quarterly and annual employee performance reviews;
    Maintain employee files and records in electronic and paper form;
    Ensure compliance with labor regulations;
    Liaise with Accounting Department and administrative assistants for payroll and attendance
    Ensures quality service by following organization standards;
    Collects related labor and other personnel policies and regulations;
    Manages employee information and various personnel archives/ updating employment and status-
      change data;
    Assists with VISA procedures for foreign employees;
    Administer compensation philosophy and policy including job pricing and merit processing;
    Manage and maintain HR systems, information data and compliance;
    Supports payroll by analyzing, preparing and inputting payroll data as necessary and produce an
      accurate and timely control of the payroll. Ensures compliance with all applicable state and federal
      wage and hour laws.

Qualification/ Requirements
    Proven experience as an HR Generalist;
    Understanding of general human resources policies and procedures;
    Good knowledge of employment/labor laws;
    Able to work with a minimum supervision;
    Chinese National;
    Excellent written and oral English;
    5+ years of Previous experience preferably in foreign owned and managed company;
    Good knowledge of HR issues in conjunction with labour law requirements;
    Pragmatic problem-solving skills;
    High standard of attention to detail at international standards;
    High proficiency with Microsoft Office;
    Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities;
    Proven analytical, evaluative and problem-solving abilities;
    Good communication skills;
    Strong interpersonal skills;
    Business awareness and commercial focus;
    Leadership and strong management skills;
    Technically competent;
    Ability to analyse, interpret and explain the legal framework regulating employment;
    Influencing and negotiating skills;
    Personally credible;
    Integrity and approachability.

Interested candidates please send detailed resume to
or contact our HR at +86 21 63232619/+86 10 84464995