Felice MELI, partner of Ferrante Intellectual Property, participated in the event IP Key China Stakeholders Meeting held on April 18th in Beijing. Initiated and supported by the European Commission, the IP Key China project has been fostering cooperation between EU and China in the field of intellectual property rights and promoting a more level playing field for European companies operating in China for more than 15 years.

During the event, Felice joined in the second panel relating to IP protection in the era of e-commerce. With his sharing, he emphasized the increasing needs for brand owners to establish a solid IP rights portfolio in China which will serve as a strong legal basis for future brand protection activities. He also touched upon the necessities for brands to learn and utilize the various tools provided by e-commerce platforms for IP protection.

Ferrante IP has a long history and strong reputation for representing European companies in China in IP protection. We will continue to seek more opportunities to engage and collaborate with IP Key China and organizations alike to advocate for a more IP protection friendly environment for both European and Chinese companies in the Chinese market.