Partner Personal Assistant

Work Location

Brief description
The perfect candidate will also have a self-starter and pro-active attitude with attention to details, independently understands (e.g. by reading the e-mails) where and when her involvement is needed.

The PA will have to make no errors (dates, names, etc.…) and be advocate of the Company's policies (Work time, etc.) to help the Partner with the standards of professional conduct.

    Fluent written and spoken English, CET-6 or equivalent
    Another language among Italian, French, Spanish will be a plus
    Good written and spoken Mandarin required
    Excellent communication skills
    Pragmatic problem-solving skills
    High standard of attention to detail at international standards
    Able to manage task with no errors (date, names)
    Pro-active and self-starter: understands when need to be involved without being asked
    Capable of working under pressure and meeting tight deadline

Duties and Responsibilities
The core duties of the PA are administrative. You'll primarily be managing the Partner travels (booking flights, hotel, and everything related) and managing his office and organizing his or her meetings by booking facilities and meeting rooms. The PA will have to schedule meetings and ensure notice goes out to all attendees. An important and recurring duty will be resolving diary clashes.

The PA could also be asked to communicate directly to other Partners, managers and employees.

    Dealing with enquiries of the Partner
    Supporting with personal administrative requests as and when needed
    Setting appointments
    Organizing travel for partner, Booking hotels, flights, rooms
    Carrying out background research and presenting findings
    Managing basic marketing tool (e.g: Newsletter)
    Keeping office and clients contacts up to date
    Keeping meetings/calendar up to date
    Keeping Partner diary up to date and coordinating all meetings
    Accompany Partner to meetings and taking notes when necessary
    Organizing and dealing with expenses for Partner
    Assisting other members of the firm/departments when necessary and when required
    Organizing reports and coordinating schedule with the whole firm and other managers
    The perfect candidate will be able to learn fast, be self-starter, pro-active and a good influencer of the
      Firm's management through the partner activities
    The Personal Assistant will have to be able to liaise with all members of the Core departments
      (Anti-counterfeiting) activities and keep the communication ongoing in the offices.
    Communication will be ongoing in the office. As a assistant, you'll be screening incoming calls, making
      notes of essential information and prioritizing the calls to be returned. E-mail traffic may sometimes
      be very heavy as well so it's good practice to prioritize a list of those replies that must be made.
    Help the Partner with the internal communication in the department and cross-department. Ensure
      the strategy and policy are followed and respected.
    Help the partner following up with the work assignment
    Help the partner monitoring that the deadlines are respected
    Ensure Particia or other case management software are correctly used and promptly updated
    Help the partner with the billing process, outstanding invoice chasing and other important activities.

Interested candidates please send detailed resume to
or contact our HR at +86 21 63232619/+86 10 84464995