2023 represents a very important milestone for us at Ferrante IP, a boutique intellectual property firm who place exceptional client care at the forefront of our objectives. This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary, standing at the pinnacle of the IP industry in Asia.

We attribute the success of the firm to our central ethos, which is to provide each of our clients with an individualised and tailored service and to provide them with excellent communication and representation. There is no broad brush approach as each client presents a new and exciting challenge. In some cases their IP rights have already been infringed, while other situations require a sophisticated preventative strategy. Ferrante IP works with each client, many of whom are well known brands in many areas of industry and steer them through the various stages of their anti-counterfeiting project. We employ a strong team of passionate and experienced people, who work well individually and together and who support the firm's growth. Where a case is especially complex, our superb team of attorneys and experts, will advise and support the client at each stage of the litigation or for the instigation of preventative measures, such as the registration of their IP rights. We ensure that a solution is found for each case, seeing the high quality of work as the shop window for our business.

One of the main factors that have contributed to the achievements of Ferrante over the past decade and which has propelled us to the apex of the industry, has been the high level of knowledge which our colleagues possess in relation to Chinese law and the legal system, in addition to an in depth understanding of how the luxury markets operate in Asia. Since 2013, IP law and procedure in China has undergone many changes, including codification of the law, with the government seeking to offer greater protection to IP right holders and make China an obvious market for the operation of a successful business. This in turn, strengthens the Chinese economy which attracts the well known and successful brands. It is these brands who look to us to set the legal foundations for them to succeed in such a competitive market, with the intention of avoiding IP infringement in the first place.

Over the next decade we hope to emulate and build upon the achievements of the last 10 years. We will continue doing what we do to great effect, which is to focus on the client's needs and to adapt to the evolving Chinese market. Future developments may include the expansion of our business in geographical as well as in legally operative terms. With the potential to increase the number of lawyers and locations, we will be able to take our expertise to an even wider audience, continuing to offer representation in each civil, administrative and criminal action, in every level of the court system, which is slowly adapting to the need for cases to be litigated and for the remedies to provide not only compensation to the IPR holders, but also deterrence for the infringers.

We also offer an extensive, pro-active anti-counterfeiting strategy, which compliments the litigation, as well as preventing legal action, if at all possible. Our experience in the IP and related field, is wide and our services include market monitoring programs, product liability and consumer protection, advertising law compliance and litigation, licensing and franchising, E-commerce and online enforcement actions, customs related work, domain name registration and recovery, in addition to investigations and raid actions. Our clients can rely on us to offer them a high level of expertise strengthening and protecting their business interests.

We have been involved in many ground breaking decisions in favour of our clients since Ferrante's inception and we have built up a reputation for excellence which we will continue to demonstrate in the future. We also acknowledge the involvement of our strong and capable team of colleagues who have helped us achieve our accomplishments and we know that this remains invaluable as we look forward to even greater success by our 20th anniversary in 2033.